Great Barracuda


As Shark Attractors

Barracuda are not only fun to catch, they can serve to bring tiger, lemon, blacktip and hammerhead sharks to the boat. After catching a barracuda, slice off one fillet and hang the fish over the side. Then either drift or anchor and wait for the sharks to pick up the scent. When the sharks arrive, other baits, lures and flies can be cast to them.

Tactics: Sight Casting

One of the great joys of flats fishing is casting to a barracuda and watching it slam your lure. However, despite the 'cuda's aggressive reputation, this is not always easy to do. More often than not, the fish will follow the offering right to the boat before turning away at the last moment.

If you get a refusal, make repeated casts using a variety of different retrieves until the fish either strikes or leaves the area.

When searching for a barracuda on the flats, work with the sun to your back. Approach the fish carefully, allowing for a long cast. Drop the lure or fly beyond the 'cuda and bring it back quickly, so that it passes in front of the fish.