Good-Bye to a Friend

John N. Cole -- 1923-2003

Fly-fishing was only a small part of John's life. Yet, itwas through this sport that he touched so many people, includingme. His passion for the sport, his affection for the environment,his appetite for preserving nature and his exceptionally giftedwriting gave him an unforgettable charm and sweetness. John'svoice was strong, yet his words flowed like delicate music.

In Life List, one of John's 13 published books, hesays, "Whenever I consider which bird I would elect to becomewhen my soul is recycled, I choose the osprey. Which should notsurprise anyone who knows me, even casually. The osprey is a fishhawk. It lives close to the water, follows the sun, and spends itsday catching fish. Which is exactly how I live."

John also wrote, "I can't imagine my life withoutbirds." Well, I know I am not alone when I say, "Icannot imagine life without John's wit, sensitivity andhumor."

Two days after the sad news of his death, I received a letter.It started with "Corbett, my boy" and ended with"All the best, Love, John." He will be missed by usall. At least we still have his books.

--Corbett A. Davis Jr