ProFishCo's Bullet-Nob


The legendary line of Doornob big-game trolling lures has a new addition - the Bullet-Nob. The sleek, bullet-nosed head is weighted to track straight at a variety of trolling speeds and is molded from a soft, translucent material for a natural feel and look. Holographic inserts provide fish-attracting flash, while the Teflon center tube won't chafe the leader. Bullet-Nobs are rigged with long, tangle-resistant Fishskin skirts that refract light in the blue-violet spectrum, said to be the most visible to offshore fish. Available in 12- and 13-inch sizes and four colors (green, blue, purple and pink), the lures can be fished alone or rigged on spreader bars and daisy chains. ProFishCo, Brielle, NJ; (866) 677-6347;