Present Tense?

Looking for something other than a fish necktie for the holidays? Look no further.

September 21, 2007

Pivot Point
Ball-bearing swivel hooks from Owner prevent line twist while trolling with live or dead bait. These hooks can also be used with trolling skirts, and while kite fishing or chunking. The smooth-turning swivel helps the hook to move with the fish, slowing the expansion of the hole it creates during a long fight and improving catch rates. Available in Jobu, Offshore and Super Mutu (shown) styles from 9/0 to 12/0, the ball-bearing swivel hooks start at $15 for a pack of two. Owner; (714) 668-9011;

Lure Lab

A trolling kit from MD Lures allows anglers to change skirts and heads quickly to fit nearly any trolling situation. The machined-aluminum heads fit most octopus skirts and can be rigged with up to 400-pound-test line. Each head can fit up to two skirts at a time, accommodating practically endless color combinations. The kits offer 12 head styles and weights that are available in four colors. Suggested kit prices start at $70. MD Lures; (866) 897-2038;


Long Shot

Constructed from ultra-lightweight graphite blanks, the two-piece Surf Classic rods from Daiwa feature oversized aluminum-oxide guides for maximum casting distance. A polyfluor coating protects the rods from sun damage, and textured grips located at the ferrules make the rods easy to break down, even with wet hands. High-density Duracork butts and reel-seat grips ensure comfort during long surf outings. The Surf Classic rods are available in eight- to 11-foot lengths, and prices start at $140. Daiwa; (562) 802-9589;

Close Claw


WildEye Live Swimming Crabs from Storm come in natural colors and match the size and action of the live crabs that many inshore species devour. Constructed with an internal half-ounce weight, the crabs are durable enough to withstand hard-bottom abrasion and chomps from fish. The holographic flash foil core ensures maximum visibility, and the premium needle-point VMC hook provides a strong hold during the fight. WildEye Live Swimming Crabs are available in six colors and sell for $3 per pack of three. Normark Corporation; (952) 933-7060;

Balancing Act

The Airflo Balance fly reel uses a revolutionary design to maximize comfort and increase casting distance. The offset reel seat balances the rod while creating more room for the hand on the rod grip, which combines with the ultra-lightweight aluminum frame to reduce casting fatigue. The large arbor of the nine- to 11-weight reel holds 250 yards of 20-pound backing, and the sealed drag system ensures a smooth fight. The Balance reel can be set to right- or left-hand retrieve and sells for $196. Airflo; (866) 347-4359;


Catch a Buzz

The weedless Spoon Buzzer from Nemire Lures combines two lures in one. When pulled across the surface, the blade produces a noisy bubble trail. Or, take off the skirt and work the lure subsurface like an in-line spinner. Spoon Buzzers are available in three sizes and feature a 24-karat gold or silver sound chamber that provides extra rattle. The lures come in 12 color combinations and prices start at $7. Nemire Lures; (800) 232-9909;

Hidden Power


Minn Kota EM Electric Motors mount on the cavitation plate of an outboard or sterndrive, providing trolling-motor performance with helm steering. Available in one- or two-motor configurations mounted on strong, corrosion-resistant brackets, the line ranges up to 202 pounds of thrust. Controlled remotely, motors start at $600. Minn Kota; (262) 631-6600;

Smooth Operator

Machined from high-grade aluminum, Van Staal VSB Series spinning reels are designed for use in beach conditions with wash-out slots to flush out sand and salt. Reels feature a titanium bail arm and a watertight sealed drag. Available in two sizes -the larger holds 340 yards of 30-pound braid -and three colors, the reels start at $669. Van Staal; (800) 718-7335;

Sure Footed

Guidewear Marine Mocs from Cabela’s offer good drainage and feature an Air Mesh interior for quick drying. The V-strap feature provides a secure fit without needing to tie wet laces. The siped rubber soles provide a sure grip on slick surfaces and won’t mark up boat decks. A mid-foot support bridge ensures stability, while the premium footbed absorbs shock. Guidewear Marine Mocs sell for $40. Cabela’s; (800) 237-4444;


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