New Tackle 2005

Take a look at the hottest new rods, reels, lines, lures and other fishing goodies that are heading your way.

September 21, 2007
### Sampo/Donnmar Titanium PliersA favorite is back and under new ownership as Sampo reintroduces the Donnmar Titanium Series pliers. Forged from lightweight, military-grade titanium, these pliers won’t rust and are strong enough to drive a tank over. They feature precision-cut, diamond-pattern jaws; a machined-brass bearing; replaceable tungsten-carbide cutting blades, and Sanoprene rubber grips molded into the handles. Available in 4 sizes, the pliers range in price from $189 to $259, or opt for the same design in stainless steel, which range in price from $79 to $109. Sampo, Inc., Barneveld, NY; (315) 896-2606;
### Cape Fear Specialty Stand-Up Rod

From the company that brought you Hextek graphite technology comes a specialty stand-up rod for anglers who tackle big fish from big outboard-powered boats. The BW5080TSU60R ($699.95) is an all-out 50-80 stand-up rod that’s 6′ long for working big fish around brackets and outboards. It’s got the power of Cape Fear’s unique hexagonal blank design, along with roller guides and an AFTCO Uni-Butt. Cape Fear Rod Company, Wilmington, NC; (910) 350-0494;|

### Daiwa Sealine Tournament Reels

The Sealine Tounament Series expands with the addition of the SLT20-2SPD ($439.95) and the SLT30-2SPD ($459.95) lever-drag models. These reels share the same rugged aluminum-frame construction and heavy-gauge components as the larger 50W introduced last year, as well as a quick-shift 2-speed gearbox. The unique DSG505 wet-drag system has 2 disks, and the dual-point support of the gear shaft provides more cranking power. The ball bearings are Daiwa’s new CRBB design that offers maximum resistance to corrosion. Daiwa Corp., Artesia, CA; (562) 802-9589;|

### Berkley Saltwater Gulp! Baits

The new Saltwater Gulp! bait series includes a 6″ sandworm, 4″ shrimp, 2″ peeler crab, 6″ shad and 4″ swimming minnow ($6.49 per pack), all impregnated with Berkley’s exclusive water-based Gulp! attractant. These baits look good, swim good and smell good, and that’s about all you can ask from a salt water lure. Pure Fishing, Spirit Lake, IA; (800) BERKLEY;|

### HI-SEAS Grand Slam Mono

HI-SEAS Grand Slam mono is a new high-performance monofilament made with proprietary blend of polymers and available in 5 popular colors – clear, smoke blue, green, pink and fluorescent yellow. The new line is supple, offers extreme impact strength, and is highly abrasion-resistant. Comes in 1/4 lb. ($11.76-$13.02), 1 lb. ($39-$47), 2 lb. (72.45) and 5 lb. ($151-$166) spools. HI-SEAS, West Chester, PA; (800) 824-9473;|

### Abu-Garcia Ambassadeur Big Game Reels

Abu-Garcia’s new Ambassadeur Big Game Baitcasters boast 3 stainless-steel ball bearings, an aluminum frame and spool, stainless components, heavy-duty gearing and a beefed-up drag system, plus a line-alarm clicker and oversized handle. The 7000LD and 7000 LDN are lever-drag models featuring levelwinds and 5.3:1 gear ratios. The 9000CT and 10000CT have no levelwinds and a 4.2:1 ratio. All 4 models have a suggested retail price of $154.95. Pure Fishing, Spirit Lake, IA; (877) 777-3850;|

### Eagle Claw Nitro Grease & Gravy What do you get when you combine the power of Eagle Claw’s exclusive Factor X2 scent (a cocktail of pheromone attractants) with a medium that clings to lures or bait? You get Nitro, baby! Nitro Grease ($6.17) is a gel that can be rubbed on soft and hard baits to add aroma and flavor, while Nitro Gravy (2 oz. $5.14, 6 oz. $10.29) is a liquid that can be sprayed on natural bait or lures. Both are available in 4 salt water formulas: Natural, Shrimp, Squid and Anchovy. Eagle Claw, Denver, CO; (720) 941-8700;


### Bomber Pop’n Shrimp

Bomber’s Pop’n Shrimp ($4.99) is a hard-plastic, floating shrimp imitation with a cupped face and internal rattles. When retrieved, it mimics the skipping and popping action of a shrimp being chased across the surface by a hungry game fish. Measuring 3 1/2″ long, it sports lifelike rubber skirts on the hooks that imitate legs and antennae, so even the most leery salt water fish can’t pass it up. Available in 6 patterns. Bombers Bait Company; Ft. Smith, AR; (479) 782-8971;|

### Penn Guide Series Rods

Penn has expanded its line of rods with the brand-new Pro Guide Series. The rods are all based on high-modulus graphite blanks reinforced with K-1 woven graphite cloth to enhance rigidity and sensitivity. The Inshore Guide rods – 9 casting and spinning models ($99.99 – $139.99) – feature all-Fuji components and high-quality cork grips. The 7 Bluewater Guide models ($149.99-$299.99) handle line classes from 12 to 100 lb. test and feature Fuji and AFTCO components. Penn Reels, Philadelphia, PA; (215) 229-9415;|

### Shimano Narrow Trinidad Reels

Few reels have been as well received by anglers as Shimano’s Trinidad series, which sees the addition of 2 new “skinny” models – the TN16N ($389.99) and the TN40N ($449.99). These narrow-spool reels pick up line faster and feature forged-aluminum frames, aluminum sideplates, oversized drags, 6 sets of Shimano’s new A-RB ball bearings and Super Stopper drag systems. Retrieve ratios are 6.2:1 for the TN16N and 4.9:1 for the TN40N. Shimano American Corp., Irvine, CA; (877) 577-0600;|

### Ballyhood Squid Dogs

Who says vertical jigs have to be metal? The new Squid Dogs, first of the new Soft Iron series from Ballyhood, are 5 1/2″ squid imitations rigged on 175 lb. stainless cable with a 2/0 swivel in the nose and a 6/0 hook in the tentacles. The 2 oz. model is great for jigging striped bass, fluke, white seabass and halibut. The 3.8 oz. model is killer for jigging tuna in a chum slick or casting, and the 5.5 oz. version can be trolled. All models are $10 each or 6 for $50. Ballyhood International, Santa Ana, CA; (714) 545-0196;|

### Shakespeare Tidewater Reels

Shakespeare’s Tidewater series includes 9 new star-drag, levelwind conventional reels (3 with line-counters) that cover line ratings from 15 to 30 lb. test. They are built tough, with stainless-steel and bronze gears, multi-disc drags, and stainless-steel ball bearings. Frames are either machined aluminum or graphite, and gear ratios are either 3.9:1 or 4.2:1, depending on model. The entire line is value-priced at $34.99-$49.99. Shakespeare Fishing Tackle, Columbia, SC; (803) 754-7000;|

### Maxima Fluorocarbon

Maxima Fluorocarbon makes the transition between leader material and running line. It’s extruded from a proprietary blend of non-reflective components that make it virtually invisible to fish, while remaining extremely sensitive and strong. It offers outstanding castability, solid hook-setting power, excellent abrasion resistance and knot strength, and is treated to withstand UV light. It’s available in 27 yrd. leader wheels in 2 to 25 lb. test; 17 yrd. wheels in 30 and 40 lb. test; and 200 yrd. One-Shot spools in 2 to 40 lb. test. Maxima America, Santa Ana, CA; (714) 850-5966;|

### Fat Head Real Steels

Fat Head’s new line of offshore trolling lures feature threaded, electro-polished stainless-steel heads and interchangeable skirts that screw on for fast color changes without having to re-rig the line. There are 10 head designs, including bullets, jets and chugger styles, and 15 popular skirt combinations ($25-$50, with skirt). Fat Head Tackle; Marathon, FL; (888) 381-9400;|

### Tiburon 7500 Series Reels

Tiburon has expanded its line of Quick Change Lever Drag reels with the addition of the 7500 Series – 3 smaller models designed for jigging, live-baiting, bottom fishing and more. The reels come with 5.9:1 gears, but you can purchase any of 5 optional gear sets in different ratios so you can use the same reel for fishing fast plugs or cranking big bottom fish out of structure. Other features include machined-aluminum frames and sideplates and 6 stainless ball bearings. All other components are either stainless steel or bronze. The series includes models QC7524 ($369.95), QC7530 ($379.95) and QC7540 ($389.95). Tiburon Engineering, Santa Ana, CA; (714) 546-7553;|

### Billy Baits Super Smoker II

Rigged plain or ahead of a ballyhoo, the new Super Smoker II ($18.95) promises to be the hot ticket for billfish, tuna, dolphin and wahoo. Featuring a durable plated-aluminum head with 4 jet holes, it swims with an enticing action and smokes like there’s no tomorrow. Its 2-part design protects against damage to the premium nylon skirt and threads. Available in a pile of popular colors. Billy Baits, Jacksonville, FL; (904) 992-9600;|

### Kristal Fishing Deep-Drop RigThere is a world of adventure in deep-drop fishing and Kristal USA (Global Trading & Ventures, Inc.) makes getting started easy. Not only do they distribute the famous Kristal electric reels, they also offer a complete line of deep-drop fishing accessories. New for 2004 is the smartly engineered deep-drop rig featuring 13/0 VMC circle hooks, heavy-duty hardware and the LP14 deep-water light ($27 complete). Also check out Kristal’s true deep-water strobes, including the LP1 ($119) and the LP15 ($89). GTV Distributors, Miami, FL; (305) 444-3010;


|### Berkley Trilene Big Game Electric Blue MonoBerkley’s new Trilene Big Game Electric Blue monofilament gives anglers the advantages of a tough line with shock-absorbing action in an easy-to-see color. Electric Blue fluoresces in sunlight for increased visibility above water, but blends with water under the surface while retaining all the characteristics that have made Big Game so popular. Available from 10 to 125 lb. test in 1/4 lb. ($8.49), 1 lb. ($31.49) and 3 lb. ($89.99) spools. Pure Fishing, Spirit Lake, IA; (800) 237-5539;|

### Mold Craft Swordfish Specials

With swordfishing all the rage in Florida and the Mid-Atlantic canyons, Mold Craft has responded by offering a series of soft lures for night trolling. By adapting the potent Super Glo formula to the popular Soft Head lures, Mold Craft has made it possible to effectively troll for broadbills at night. The new lures, dubbed Swordfish Specials, pulse light to mimic the natural phosphorescence of certain baitfish. Prices vary with lure size and style. Mold Craft Fishing Products, Pompano Beach, FL; (954) 785-4650;|

### Storm Suspending Croaker & Mullet

The newest additions to Storm’s popular WildEye soft-bait series are the Suspending Mullet (shown, $3.99) and Suspending Croaker ($3.99). Both feature a cork insert to give them neutral buoyancy so they hang out in the strike zone longer. They also feature a reflective internal foil and rattles to create flash and noise, and the adjustable tail allows them to run shallow, deep or to the side. Storm Lures, Minetonka, MN; (800) 874-4451;|

### Accurate Piranha Pliers

Made from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum with a classy satin finish that matches the company’s reels, these great-looking pliers from Accurate are functional and strong. The Piranha is available 2 sizes: a standard 7″ model ($135.95) and a long-nose 8″ model ($149.95). Both come with replaceable cutting blades and jaw inserts made of 440C heat-treated stainless steel. Accurate Fishing Products, Corona, CA; (888) ACCU-372;|

### Yo-Zuri Hydro-Diver

There just might be a new champ in the depth wars with the introduction of the Hydro-Diver by Yo-Zuri ($15.99). This minnow-shaped plug looks good and runs deep on its own, but when you add one of the special Dynamic Weights ($2.50 per pack) to the underside of the diving lip it can run at depths to 50 feet! Since the lure will run at a steep downward angle, you can also attach a leader to the weight ring to pull a fly or skirted teaser behind it. Yo-Zuri; Port St. Lucie, FL; (888) 336-9775;|

### Mann’s Stretch-Imitator

Mann’s new Stretch-Imitator trolling plug is a dead ringer for an 8″ menhaden, and sure to be a hit around the coast. The Imitator ($25.99) features the special Davis Lip and Accu-Trac line-tie to guarantee it will run true and dive to the specified depth at a moderate trolling speed. The plug features a pair of Mustad 7/0 forged double hooks, is through-wired for strength, and should be hitting tackle-shop shelves in time for the fall run of striped bass and kingfish. Mann’s Bait Company, Eufaula, AL; (334) 687-5716;|

### TICA 50WTS Reel

The new Team TICA 50WTS Lever Drag ($544.99) features an “air-cooler system” that incorporates specially designed grooves in the drag washer, spool and frame to circulate air. This disperses drag-robbing heat created by continuous friction during long, hard fights. Its powerful, rigid frame is machined from solid T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, and its gears ride on 6 SUS sealed ball bearings. The 50WTS has a 3-ring waterproofing system, fast-shift 2-speed gearing and a multi-position, anti-reverse pawl. Tica-USA Inc., Charlotte, NC; (704) 398-2850;|

### Owner Longshanks & Siwash Hooks

Owner, the company that developed the patented Cutting Point hook, has 2 new offerings. The Longshanks bait hook ($12 per pack) is designed for rigging ballyhoo, where its extra length will place the hook farther back in the bait to foil those short-strikers. Available in sizes 7/0, 9/0 and 11/0, and triple-X strong, they will handle all pelagic battlers including tuna and billfish. For inshore work, the new deep-throat Siwash model ($8 per pack) is the hook Northwest and Northeast anglers have been hoping for to replace trebles on their jigs and plugs. It’s available from 3/0 to 5/0. Owner America Corp., Costa Mesa, CA; (714) 668-9011;|

### Creek Chub Super Knuckle-Head

The Super Knuckle-Head from Creek Chub is designed to draw strikes from big fish. The 7″, 2 1/2 oz. lure has a jointed head and feather-dressed tail for excellent topwater action. Strong 3/0 salt water hooks and a heavy-duty belly swivel mean the lure is ready to take the abuse of repeated battles. The Super Knuckle-Head is available in 9 holographic finishes and sells for $16.99. Creek Chub Lures, Ft. Smith, AR; (478) 782-8971;|

### C&H; Lures Smoker ChokerThe new Smoker Choker ($5.50) from C&H; Lures may look like a super kingfish-bait skirt (and it is), but it’s also deadly over rigged baits trolled for sails, dolphin, tuna and wahoo. Its nearly weightless design and luminescent head make it great for subsurface presentations and downrigger trolling. You can even rig it with a hook and troll it plain for school tuna and dolphin. Two years of testing have proven it a tournament winner. C&H; Lures, Jacksonville, FL; (904) 992-9600;


### Avet T-RX50W Quad Reel

The T-RX50W Quad Two-Speed ($999) big-game reel from Avet is a 4-disc, lever-drag reel that delivers enough drag pressure to wear down the biggest game fish. This American-made, all-machined powerhouse has titanium discs on each side of the spool and 4 dry-carbon-fiber brake pads that deliver 100 lbs. of resistance at strike and 116 lbs. at full while maintaining total free-spool. Avet’s exclusive Line-Out pre-set system provides cast control and anti-backlash when live-bait fishing. It’s finished off with an all-stainless-steel, 2-speed gear set and 6 stainless-steel ball bearings, and is available anodized in blue, gold or silver. Avet Industries, Inc., Chatsworth, CA; (877) 487-4476;|

### Heddon Zara Spooks

Long recognized as one of the all-time classic fresh water lures, the Zara Spook is stepping up to salt water in two sizes with heavy-duty hardware and 6 new colors sure to drive speckled trout, redfish and stripers to distraction. With its cigar-shaped body and an angler-induced action all its own, the salt water Super Spook and Super Spook Jr. will have you “walkin’ the dog” to bigger and better catches in no time. Heddon Lures, Ft. Smith, AK; 479-782-8971;|

### Booyah Bait Samurai Blade

The Samurai Blade ($4.79) is a fresh water spinnerbait that’s been redesigned for redfish and gator trout. It features an exclusive rocker-style head and is constructed of the finest stainless components, including the blade, swivel, wire and 4/0 Mustad hook. Put this on the end of your line and you can slice and dice you way to bigger catches. Booyah Bait Co., Ft. Smith, AR; (479) 782-8971;|

### Tournament Tackle E ColorsTournament Tackle’s potent Ilander, Sailure, Sea Star, Tracker, Black Hole and Out-Rider trolling lures are now available in 10 new E Color combinations and patterns. The “E” stands for “electrifying,” and nylon skirts never looked so good! These iridescent colors can be seen from great distances underwater by game fish. Tournament Tackle, Largo, FL; (727) 584-7691;


### D.O.A. Clacker

The Clacker from D.O.A. is a float with beads and a bullet weight that makes noise and emits fish-attracting vibrations when you jerk it. Use it with a D.O.A. shrimp or TerrorEyz lure behind it on a short leader and you’ve got a seatrout and weakfish killer! Its aerodynamic shape casts well, and the weight causes it to stand up for better visibility. Available in oval or cigar shape, 2 to a package ($5.49). D.O.A. Lures, Stuart, FL; (772) 287-5001;|

### Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp HooksNew to the Lazer Sharp line for 2005 are 15 prepackaged rigs that feature “the sharpest hooks in the industry,” for some of salt water’s most popular fish. They include double- and triple-hook rigs for Pompano, 2 colorful rigs for Steelhead with scent absorbing attractors and 4 rigs for kingfish with hook arrangements that will cover every bait application from small menhaden to ribbonfish. Eagle Claw, Denver, CO; (720) 941-8700;


### Rapala X-Rap

Rapala’s new X-Rap ($5.99) is the culmination of this classic minnow-shaped design inspired by Rapala’s dedicated Pro Staff. It exhibits a hard-cutting, aggressive “slashbait” movement and will suspend when stopped. The X-Rap features a textured, transparent body with holographic finish that makes it look like it will swim away by itself if dropped it in the water. Rapala-Normark Corp., Minetonka, MN; (800) 874-4451;|

### MirrOlure Series III Catch 5

What has a wide profile, comes in 10 holographic baitfish finishes, emits a low-frequency sonic rattle and suspends at rest? The new Series III Catch 5 ($6.49) from MirrOlure, a subsurface twitch bait that does underwater what a Top Dog does on the surface – darts erratically from side to side. When the retrieve is paused, the lure sits in place. Great for trout, redfish, stripers, tarpon and pretty much any inshore game fish. At 3 1/2″ and 1/2 oz., it’s perfect for spinning and light plugging tackle. MirrOlure, Largo, FL; (727) 584-7691;|

|### AFW Haywire Twist ToolIs your least-favorite chore making leaders or rigs with single-strand wire? Well, American Fishing Wire just made it easier with the introduction of the Haywire Twist tool. Once you learn the 4-step procedure you’ll be wrapping haywire twists like a pro. Works well with wire from No. 3 (.012 mm) to No. 14 (.84 mm). American Fishing Wire, West Chester, PA; (800) 824-9473;|

### Pflueger Contender Reels

Pflueger is now offering 3 lever-drag models as part of its Contender series of conventional reels. The first thing you’ll notice is the beefy graphite frame and cold-forged aluminum spool, but these are backed up with 4 stainless-steel ball bearings, an oversized, multi-disc drag, stainless-steel gears, Smart-Click System (only clicks when line is going out, not when you turn the handle), and an oversized handle and grip assembly. The G15L also has a levelwind, while the large G20L and G30L are open designs. All 3 models retail for $89.99. Pflueger Fishing Tackle, Columbia, SC; (803) 754-7000;|


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