New Braid on the Block


FINS is a brand-new "super-braid" line that just hit the market. Made of ultra-thin, ultra-strong Spectra, FINS is a smooth-casting, easy-handling braid that offers excellent knot-holding ability. FINS claims to be 500% more abrasion resistant than competing brands of super-braid line, and is 100% UV stable. It lasts up to five times longer than monofilament line, and its thin diameter and low stretch make it ideal for deep-jigging and bait-fishing applications. FINS is currently available in 20 through 200 lb. test strengths, and comes in slate-green and white. Suggested retail for a 150 yrd. spool of 20 lb. test is $8.43. FINS, Birmingham, AL; (800) 443-0373;