SEA 157 VHF/DSC Radiotelephone


The SEA 157 VHF/DSC Radiotelephone provides a boatloadof features - including digital-signal-processing access to allU.S., international, Canadian and weather channels; MariTEL-readytelephone functionality; a NOAA weather alert; programmable channelsand six scan modes - all in a fully gasketed, water-resistant,cast-aluminum housing. The SEA 157 has a backlit screen with eight-characteralphanumeric and three-digit channel displays. The unit has DigitalSelective Calling, an address log and a GPS display. The SEA 157comes with a palm microphone and a two-year limited warranty,and sells for $749. SEA Inc., Mountlake Terrace, WA; (425) 771-2182;