NAT Tellusart


The Tellusart is a portable 9 GHz (X-band) search and rescue transponder (SART) designed to provide location information to marine navigation and search radar. When activated, the SART enters into a "standby" mode until it is interrogated by a radar. When it senses a radar pulse, it transmits a series of 12 pulses in response.

The search radar shows 12 equally spaced arcs lined up behind the original target echo, which clearly differentiates you from other targets and sea clutter. It is self-contained and comes with quick-release hardware so it can be easily moved to a liferaft. It also comes with a lightweight mounting mast so it can be held above the water's surface for optimum recognition. Northern Airborne Technology, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; (800) 225-4767;