Maptech Offshore


Navigator 4.2 SoftwareOffshore Navigator 4.2 is the latest and most complete navigation software package available from Maptech, and adds to the already successful features found in the Navigator Series, which includes Chart Viewer, Chart Navigator, and Cruising Navigator. This new software includes a NMEA output for autopilot support. By using the Direct to Waypoint feature, you send single course heading instructions directly to the autopilot. The new software features complete Maptech 3.0 NOAA Nautical Chart Support, improved data-window displays, and even uses official digital Notice to Mariners patches that are compiled weekly by NOAA from Coast Guard, NIMA, and Canadian alerts. Maptech, Andover, MA; (888) 839-5551 or (978) 933-3000; [www.](http://www.