Lowrance LC X-15 MT & LC X-15 CT


The LC X-15 MT and LC X-15 CT sonar graph recorders from Lowrance take more than their name from the legendary X-15 paper graph recorder that is their forefather - they also take vivid picture clarity, target separation and underwater detail. The LC X-15 MT features a 6.54" Monochrome Transflective high-definition screen that yields readability and programmable grayscale customization. The LC X-15 CT (shown) has a 5.66" Color Transflective screen for high resolution and color customization. GPS- and mapping-ready, both units have dual-frequency selectivity for either 50 or 200 kHz - or both simultaneously with a split screen. Both models have easy zoom-in/zoom-out control and memory storage for up to 750 waypoints and 100 different routes. Suggested retail prices for the LC X-15 MT and CT start at $699 and $1,099, respectively. Lowrance, Tulsa OK; (918) 437-6881; www.lowrance.com.