March ’09 New Gear

Nautical Design Inc. adjustible pedestal; Daiwa Saltiga Sacrifice Lightning Jigs; OceanLED Ocean Eyes

February 25, 2009

New Allure
Daiwa has added several offerings to its saltwater-lure lineup – including three new floating minnow jerkbait models and a new selection of Saltiga Sacrifice Lightning Jigs. **Available in a variety of sizes and colors, The **Salt Minnow, Chugger Minnow and Salt Pro Minnow lures boast realistic scale patterns, 3-D eyes and swimming actions that effectively mimic the appearance and movements of frightened baitfish. Each minnow also features durable, heavy-duty saltwater hooks and an innovative internal weight-transfer system for easier, longer casts. The jigs feature realistic prism scale patterns, 3-D eyes and ultra-tough finishes. These metal jigs sink fast to reach the strike zone in a hurry. When worked up through the water column, offset shoulders produce an irregular swimming action that rings the dinner bell for hungry game fish. Lures range from $6.95-19.95;


Space Saver**
Looking for a space-saving addition to your cockpit that will let you swap out a fighting chair for a rocket launcher? Or maybe you’d like a cockpit table for boat drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  Nautical Design Inc. just might have the solution. Its new heavy-duty 4-inch stainless-steel adjustable pedestal with gas assist features a double-locking mechanism and a keyed race that prevents the pedestal from turning, and it also sports a spindle bearing, the same type as is used in fighting chairs. The gas-assist feature makes it easy to adjust the height for the purpose at hand. $1,500;


Candid Camera

How many times have you wished you could see what’s going on beneath the surface in your spread? OceanLED has now made that wish come true with its new underwater camera dubbed Ocean Eyes. The company teamed up with technology titan Sony to create the perfect accessory for boating and fishing enthusiasts. The product consists of a Sony 13-inch professional HDV camcorder featuring 520 TV lines for excellent resolution. It has a 12v DC connection and uses a simple RCA video feed to bring the ocean to life. The Ocean Eyes camera features the company’s proprietary Tritonium lens, which inhibits barnacle growth and scratches. Installation is simple; all it requires is a 1.5-inch through-hull hole.  $795;


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