March ’09 New Electronics

Navico broadband radar; Raymarine C-Series Widescreen

February 25, 2009

Broadband Radar
Navico’s **innovative broadband radar technology has been introduced in **Lowrance HDS, Simrad GB and NX series
and Northstar 8000i products, offering a big lineup of improved safety, usability and accuracy. The solid-state-technology radar features instant startup with no waiting for warm-up and no need to stand by while the units power up. This also means there is no need to leave the radar on. Transmitted power is 1/2000 the power of conventional radars, meaning these units can be installed in a lot more places with a much larger margin of safety than traditionally has been possible, as there is no harmful radiation emitted outside the dome. Consequently, DC power draw is also substantially reduced. Navico claims a target differentiation of 2 to 3 meters from a minimum range of 132 mile to a maximum of 24 miles. Broadband technology automatically and instantly tunes for optimum performance whenever the range scale is changed.

Raymarine’s Widescreens
Raymarine’s revamped C-Series Widescreen expands the power of the MFD with larger, brilliant displays, increased performance and expanded networking and video integration. The wider 16:9 aspect ratio of the screens allows more data to be displayed than the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio. Sunlight-viewable, high-contrast LCDs up to 14 inches deliver resolutions up to 1280 x 800 pixels. A GPS sensor is built into the MFD and eliminates the need for external antennas in all but belowdecks installations. The C-Series Widescreen is preloaded with Navionics charts for the coastal U.S., and optional Navionics charts enable 3D and satellite-photo chart navigation. The new units are ready for integration with video, dual-display networking, digital radar, HD digital sounder modules, and SIRIUS Weather.


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