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New electronics from Salt Water Sportsman

Look Less, Fish More C-Map Fishing Contour Charts from Jeppesen Marine provide detailed bathymetric seabed charts developed from National Ocean Service surveys, providing data on channels, canyons, seamounts and ridges, which can create upwellings and currents that concentrate bait and predators. Fast finding means less running and searching - and more time to fish where the fish are.The charts display detailed, shaded contours labeled with popular fishing locations and names, easing identification of named and known locations.C-Map MAX Fishing Contour Charts are offered in six regions, covering Maine to Alaska, and in large blocks (MAX Title NA-M621 covers from San Diego, California, to Cape Blanco, Oregon). For NT+ chart plotters, there are 11 different Fishing Contour Chart regions. $129 per region. 800.424.2627; c-map.com
Hi-Tech Tunes

Fusion's MS-IP500 completely protects an iPod in a waterproof compartment, with a control panel designed for easy use under bumpy conditions. The faceplate flips down for easy iPod insertion and removal, and the control panel allows selection by artist, song, album and genre. Supplying up to four audio zones with 70 watts per zone, the MS-IP500 is scalable to any size boat. Up to four wired remotes can be installed. Available in a gray or white die-cast heat-dissipating chassis, it has a 3.2-inch LCD display, volume knob, 12/24 hour clock, and bass, treble and balance control. It is compatible with iPod Touch, Nano (Gen2 and Gen3) and Classic (Gen5 and Gen6). It's also Sirius Satellite Radio-ready with an AM/FM tuner. $399.99. 623.580.9000; fusionelectronics.com| | In Control

The GB40 from Simrad is the latest version of the original  Glass Bridge  integrated navigation/fishfinder network, the  GB60. The GB40 is configured for boats in the 35- to 70-foot range. However, this newest edition also features a number of improvements drawn from the internal architecture of a sister product under the Navico umbrella - the Northstar 8000i. The below-decks processor comes loaded with C-Map Max Pro cartography. Additions to the chart library are unlocked with an access code, available online or by phone, and include 3-D bathymetric data and detailed regional charts. Display screens are available in 10.4-inch, 15-inch and 19-inch flat panel. Control and configuration of the display is via a compact OP30 Operation Unit, which allows up to eight separate installations, to allow control of up to three separate screens. $6,999. 425.778.8821; navico.com|