June '09 New Gear

D.O.A. Big Fish Lure 5.5; Aftco Maxforce II Shoulder Harness; Shimano Voltaeus rods


Little Big Fish
The popular Big Fish Lure from** D.O.A.** is no longer an only child. The BFL 8.0 now has a little brother that measures in at 5.5 inches and weighs 1.1 ounces. The BFL 5.5 sports interchangeable lips to customize  swimming depth and can be fitted with a full line of replacement bodies and parts that make it a versatile swim bait, easily configured for  heaving into the fray even with lighter tackle. D.O.A. incorporated a through-wire design that allows the lure to pull away from the hooks and slide up and out of the fish's mouth during the fight. This gives the angler an edge, as it prevents the fish from gaining leverage against the lure to pry the bait from its mouth. Additionally, when the soft plastic lure body slides up the line during the fight, it stays in good shape for the next cast. The BFL 5.5 is priced at $10.99; www.doalures.com

Take a Stand

For anglers who prefer to take on  big fish with stand-up gear and lighter tackle, Aftco **has introduced the **Maxforce II Shoulder Harness to its lineup. The Lycra polyester-covered, bio-foam shoulder and back-band pads, with synthetic terry-cloth liners, are connected with ventilated mesh to distribute the load comfortably across the angler's back. The materials and harness design work together to distribute the load across the upper body during extended battles with stubborn fish. Four stainless-steel ladder-locks adjust with ease, even in the heat of battle, and solid brass cross-lock clips provide a secure attachment to reel lugs. Nylon webbing straps are cross-stitched and box-stitched for durability at the critical attachment points. Included with the harness is a nylon mesh bag with hanging grommets for easy rinsing and storage. $86.92; www.aftco.com



Hot Rods
Shimano has introduced the new **Voltaeus **series of rods, including several models sure to find a niche in the saltwater angler's arsenal. Engineered with Shimano's proprietary Uni-Fiber construction, these rods utilize three different composite materials chemically bonded to create the blank. The result is an exceptionally durable yet lightweight fishing rod that maintains maximum sensitivity. Shimano didn't focus all its attention on the blank alone; the guide frames are stainless steel with polished inserts, and the reel seats are designed especially for this new series. For saltwater fishing,  the Voltaeus series includes four spinning and four casting models - with 6'6" medium and medium-heavy, 7' medium and 7'6" medium-heavy actions in both spin and cast versions. All one-piece models, they are backed by Shimano's limited lifetime warranty. Rods start at $39.99; www.shimano.com