Sufix 832 Line

Sufix 832 comes in lo-vis green and neon lime


Put fishing-line maker Sufix together with materials giant GORE, makers of GORETEX fabrics, and what do you get? Sufix 832, a breakthrough in fishing-line technology, says Sufix. The new 832 combines three primary technology features. Sufix uses a process called R8 precision braiding to weave together seven Dyneema fibers, which offer small diameter, high strength and sensitivity, and one GORE performance fiber (ePTFE), which improves abrasion resistance, casting length and accuracy as well as reduces noise and vibration, using 32 pics, or weaves, per inch. Sufix says 832 retained 95 percent of its rated strength in repeated tests. Sufix 832 comes in lo-vis green and neon lime and in pound-tests from 6 to 80. One-hundred-fifty-yard spools cost $19.99; 300-yard spools cost $34.99. Visit