Leatherman Charge TTi

Stronger and more versatile than ever



Some tools are just a joy to pick up and hold. Anytime you can literally feel quality in the design and construction, you know you're handling something special. Any outdoorsman knows the Leatherman name; it's synonymous with excellence. The company's Charge TTi tool follows that tradition.

Leatherman packs 22 separate tools into the titanium handles on the Charge TTi, assuring that you'll find the right one to tackle the job at hand. Bronze bushings make the exterior blades smooth and easy to open, and the interior blades rotate individually to allow you to grab one tool at a time without fumbling. The blades are crafted from S30V stainless steel, which is known for its optimal combination of edge retention, flexibility and hardness.

Leatherman upgraded its locking mechanism, making it 50 percent stronger than the previous version. The TTi also comes with multiple bit drivers that let you customize the tool to any job.

For more information, contact Leatherman Tools at 503-253-7826 or visit www.leatherman.com.