Dancin' Dolphin Lure


The Dancin' Dolphin is a super-sized soft-plastic that looks, feels and swims like a real mahimahi. Whether rigged as a hook bait or teaser, the 15" lure exhibits a wandering swimming action and kicking tail that get the attention of big predators. To create more splash and a bubbling "smoke trail," simply add the patented Boogie Ball Lure Action Disk to the leader. The Dancin' Dolphin features moving eyes and a belly slot that accommodates J-hooks up to 16/0 and circle hooks up to 24/0. The specially placed pelvic fin acts as a weed guard. Once a fish is hooked, the lure slides up the leader so it won't interfere with the fight. The Dancin' Dolphin sells for $49.95 unrigged and $64.95 rigged with a 14/0 Mustad hook and 15' of 400 lb. Momoi leader with chafing gear. It's also available in a 3-lure daisy chain. Tactical Tackle, New Orleans, LA; (504) 895-8780; www.tacticaltackle.com.