New York Bight Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna in the New York Bight offer a worthy challenge.

Metro New York and north Jersey regulars have begun to break the code on big, persnickety bluefin tuna.
Watch for the tell. Locate the tuna crashing bait schools, then get lined up and let them come to you.
Bluefin tuna generally feed into the wind, which works to your advantage. Because they are especially spooky this time of year, avoid chasing them. Instead, you’ll need to position yourself in their apparent path of travel, and then cast to them as they approach. In general, look for them between the 60- and 80-foot depth contours.Joe Mahler
Job well done. When everything goes right the payoff is an impressive fish by anyone's standards.
Top lures include soft plastics such as 1) Slug-Go Arkansas Shiner, 2) Hogy Double Wide, and 3) Ron-Z 4X Strong. Stickbaits include 4) ­Shimano Orca, 5) Smith Baby Runboh, 6) Tackle House Britt, and 7) Daiwa Dorado Slider.