Salt Water Kids November

Tykes show off their angling skills

Garrett Weir II

2, New York

Salt Water Kids Fishing
Garrett Weir IICourtesy

Garrett caught this 4-pound porgy while fishing in New York Bight, Jamaica Bay, on the family boat, Phish Phinder. Garrett loves to fish whenever possible and began going out on the boat before he could even walk. When he is stuck on land, he likes playing baseball and learning everything he can from his dad, a former minor-league baseball player.

Fischer Smith

2, North Carolina

Salt Water Kids Fishing
Fischer SmithCourtesy

Staying true to his name, Fischer just loves spending time out on the water, catching whatever bites. He caught this Spanish mackerel in Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, fishing from his father’s boat, Shearwater. He was so excited with this catch that he didn’t want to stop holding it. Fischer gets his affinity for the sport of angling from his father, who worked on charter boats, and his grandfather, a retired marine biologist.

Ben Urban

3, Connecticut

Salt Water Kids Fishing
Ben UrbanCourtesy

Pictured here with his very first striped bass, Ben isn’t picky about what bites. He loves to fish Niantic Bay from his dad’s marina dock, where he caught and released this striper. He recently caught his first bluefish and black sea bass on the same day. He also enjoys seeing what his dad catches when he throws a cast net.

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