Salt Water Kids VI

Celebrate a new generation of anglers with Salt Water Kids

August 23, 2011
FINALIST: Tuna Spotter Oliver Polsky, 7
New York, New York
Oliver 1, his brother Max, and his dad, George, fished last summer in search of bluefin tuna on topwater poppers. Oliver spotted the school when it came up and got off a cast. He fought the fish with some fatherly assistance — it was a team effort, but George says Ollie did the bulk of the work. Nice job, Oliver!
FINALIST: Stylish Angler Jade Zaccaria, 4
Mystic Island, New Jersey
This past April, 4-year-old Jade 2 reeled in this 34-inch striper by herself, using an innovative two-handed technique (although Dad held the rod). Jade’s look of determination is priceless — the striper never had a chance. Plus those are the coolest fishing boots we’ve seen in some time!
FINALIST: Offshore Veteran Marlin Moskowitz, 7
Singer Island, Florida
This was Marlin’s 3 first swordfish, caught 14 miles offshore of Florida’s Lake Worth Inlet aboard his dad’s boat,_ In Roam_. Marlin has been fishing off Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina and the Bahamas since he was 2 years old, and he has caught many different species. His dad, Michael, says Marlin is very good at species identification and knows about many different types of fishing. Sounds like it won’t be long until he tangles with a fish that shares his name.
11-year-old Jake nailed this nice barracuda on the half day boat out of Marina Del Rey Sportfishing, the New Del Mar.
“Last year off the coast of Massachusetts, my family and I were fishing for cod. It was me, my brother Michael, and my dad. I think my grandparents were there too, but I was the one to catch the most and weirdest fish. I was jigging for cod when I got a bite. So I started reeling it in. The cod kept getting heavier and heavier. It took me awhile to get it to the side of the boat. You know what I found out? I found out that I had caught 7 or 8 dogfish and a cod head! It was my first sighting of such a natural phenomenon! It was also the weirdest cod ever. That’s my fishing story.” — by Sara Chemi
Nicholas just turned 4 and enjoys fishing with his older brother and father.
Josh Boyer, a 7-year-old Montanan, has set high fishing goals for himself. One goal was to catch a fish that is larger than himself. He reached this goal last March when fishing in the Bahamas with his grandfather and mother and caught this wahoo.
Sam Northup,age 11, had the chance to fish the cool waters off Gloucester, MA, this summer. After catching Atlantic mackerel for bait, Sam landed this 38-inch striper.
Zander Danforth, age 6, from Marblehead, MA, celebrated his kindergarten graduation and the beginning of his summer vacation with a morning of fishing with his father and big brother.
10-year-old Gus Weiner requested a special striped bass trip with his dad and grandfather on Cuttyhunk Island (which he had heard so much about). He caught his first striped bass there weighing in at 17 pounds.
Nolan Bouchard, 10, of Marstons Mills, MA, enjoys fishing in the waters of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard near his home. Recently he caught this personal best 30.6-pound striped bass while fishing from his father’s boat.
Savannah Claire is 14 years old and has always freshwater fished. She always said she wanted to go out on the ocean and catch a dolphin. This summer we took a trip to the bahamas and our neighbor saw her reading her Salt Water Sportsman magazine.
Morgan Dempsey with a 17-pound red snapper. Morgan, age 13, fished out of Orange Beach, Alabama.
Harris Murphy caught his first snapper off the coast of Alabama, weighing in at 10 pounds.
8-year-old Macie Ann Parris at the Port O’Conner jetties. She hit the floor at 4 a.m. every morning telling everyone to hurry up, we’ve got fish waiting.
Madison Toney caught this 18-inch flounder from the dock where she lives. Madison loves to fish with her mom and stepfather, Joy and Tim.
Alex is 11 years old and has been always an enthusiastic when it comes to fishing. Since he was little he has always asked dad if he could join the offshore trips. Even during the summer, when his friends are all hanging having fun together, he prefers to wake up at 5 a.m. to come with us fishing.
Diego is only 5 buy he is always asking please to let him come with us to, as he says, “fish fishes.” He will always wait to join us after every trip to see, touch and feel the fish and have his picture taken.

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