September/October 2013 Reader Photos

Check out the latest collection of great catch photos sent in by SWS readers. WE WANT TO SEE YOUR PHOTOS! Send your best shots with the details of your catch, full name and hometown to We'll highlight our favorites on the site and our Facebook page, and the cream of the crop could appear in Salt Water
02-jeff pierce.jpg
Jeff Pierce of Atlanta landed what would have been the new Georgia state record Tarpon had he wanted to kill it. A length and girth formula on the fish brought her weight to a grand total of 188 pounds, beating the old record by 27 pounds! The fish was landed with an Ugly Stick Custom 30-60 class rod and a Penn Squall reel loaded with 65-pound Spiderwire Invisi-Braid. The hook that held the old girl was a Mustad
14/0 circle. Thanks to Jeff for letting this old girl swim free!
01-sierra waine.jpg
Sierra Waine, 16 years old, with a nice catch. She has attended three SWS seminars.
Susie Cooper grabbed second place in the kingfish (21.30-pounder) category at the Bluewater Babe Fish for a Cure tournament. Palm Beach County, Florida
03-scott pozucek.jpg
Scott Pozucek caught this 53-inch, 88-pound bluefin tuna with his dad on a 24 Trophy “LedgeRunner” with a green machine spreader bar south of Martha’s Vineyard.
04-jeffrey williamson.jpg
Redfish caught near Ocean Isle Beach with Capt. Jeff Williamson, Get Busy Fishing.
05-jeffrey williamson.jpg
Pair of reds caught with Capt. Jeff Williamson, Get Busy Fishing, Ocean Isle Beach, NC.
06-jeffrey williamson.jpg
Flounder caught near Ocean Isle Beach, NC with Capt. Jeff Williamson of Get Busy Fishing.
07-pam murphy.jpg
Pam Murphy with a 20-pound red snapper caught out of Port Canaveral, Florida.
08-michael mascaro first wahoo.jpg
Michael Mascaro’s first wahoo and personal largest fish. Michael hooked up to him as we were trolling on our way to Fowey Lighthouse. We were using a skirted ballyhoo as bait.
10-ricky girvin.jpg
Ricky Girvin of Orangevale, California when he went Tarpon fishing in the Sabannah Flats off of an island called Ambergris Caye in Belize this past August.
11-barbara hadden.jpg
Barbara Hadden Photo of my husband and I taken in Marathon, Fl. Fishing in our Carolina Cat.
12-clara caso.jpg
This 12 pound Mahi was caught during the J&B; Tackle TriState Tournament on August 5thby Clara Caso of Miami in Hydrographers Canyon on the 55′ Viking Waugh’s Up (Captain Brad Waugh was at the controls). This was her first Mahi, and she decided to give it a kiss back at the dock on Block Island…NICE FISH! – Brad Waugh
13-pete salvo and dr. tommy sessa.jpg
Pete Salvo and Dr. Tommy Sessa of South Florida caught this 287lb yellow fin tuna in Boca Chica, Panama June 1st Fishing with Capt. Kerry Leggett of Come Fish Panama. 2hour and 20 minute fight
14-marlow kay.jpg
Marlow kay. Caught and landed buy myself. That day I started into the back country it was so nice went back to house picked up outside poles for reef fishing. But I grabbed my offshore trolling and 2 packs of riged bait. Started to the reefs and its was so nice I went hunting for birds. In about 600 ft of water a wahoo tor off. put boat into nuteral pulled lines in real fast since I was solo fishing. Reeled in a nice
wahoo. When I reached for the gaff. I slacked on the pole and the hooks came out of the wahoo and lost him. So I started al over again and in 1300 ft of water I nailed this faboulous dolphin. I had to cut the lines and lost some real nice trolling rigs. But anyway I landed this fish 1st gaff. The gaff went every way but didn’t break. It was made buy jimmy lewis. I got this fish in boat thru a towel over his head and I
sat down. It was a beautiful day riding home. When I got home I couldn’t pick the fish up. I was wipped out. Long story shory. Dinner was great.
Jessica with a 21lb Wahoo offshore St.Thomas Virgin Islands
Maureen Mascaro’s first tuna. It was caught fishing The Humps in the Keys with my cousin Jack. We were using a black/purple feathered lure and followed some working birds until we were in line with the running tuna. It was our first time ever fishing together. What a great trip.
20-roberto hardouin.jpg
On August 24, while trolling on the San Juan, Puerto Rico coast, we caught this beautiful 16 pound kingfish with a balyhoo rigged with an Islander lure.Roberto Hardouin Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
19-joe burger.jpg
Capt. Joe Burger with a 36″ Red Drum caught at the Little River Inlet, SC. Notice the unique “S” shaped spot on the tail.
18-elijah reynolds.jpg
I (Elijah Reynolds) caught and released this gorgeous 41″ striper weighing aprox 40 lbs jigging off the bottom just outside the commercial fleet in Chatam, MA.
17-ron secrest.jpg
2: Ron Secrest of Stafford, VA, caught this Barracuda on a Clark Spoon while fishing in the flats in Key West with Captain Mike Cyr.
16-ron secrest.jpg
1: Ron Secrest of Stafford, VA, caught this Blacktip Shark in Key West while fishing with Captain Mike Cyr.
21-katie t.jpg
Ambergris Cay, Belize
My daughter, Katie T, 16 years old – Naperville IL -Live sardine
22-gregg tabb.jpg
Attached find a picture of Gregg Tabb from Maryland, catching his first sailfish!
23-don mcmurrian.jpg
Caught Monday July 29th on a pinfish. State record for Florida is 8lbs 14 oz. This would have been close. It was my last day on vacation so didn’t get to submit it to the Florida Fish and Game. Don McMurrian Benicia CA
24-antonio tony martìnez.jpg
my name is Antonio tony Martìnez from Panama City in Central America. I want to share some pics of our latest inshore fishing trips. here you are some Pargos (red snapper) and Bojala (amberjack) kind regards from Panama!!!
25-antonio tony martìnez.jpg
my name is Antonio tony Martìnez from Panama City in Central America. I want to share some pics of our latest inshore fishing trips. here you are some Pargos (red snapper) and Bojala (amberjack) kind regards from Panama!!!
26-tye griffith.jpg
Caught this baby on the Lynnhaven River in Virginia Beach, VA using light spinning tackle. Bring on the bulls!!! Tye Griffith Virginia Beach, VA
27-matt condon.jpg
Here are several pics of a recent trip we took filming the episode “Ladies Lets Go Fishing” aboard the Team Galati Viking 50 with Capt. Matt (me) out of Orange Beach, AL Matt Condon
28-matt condon.jpg
30-mark tosh.jpg
Lawson, age 8, with a 49″ redfish caught in Charleston, SC. When I show people this picture I tell them, ” I promise there is a big ‘ol smile behind that fish”. – Mark Tosh
31-joe paradise.jpg
Joe Paradise caught this 28lb Red Snapper out of New Symrna, Florida before the one day season. It was released to be caught another day.
32-kevin weber.jpg
Kevin weber member of The GetSnookerd” fishing team holding a couple of red grouper and a lionfish that were speared recently off marathon while lobstering
My wife Allyson always talked about when she was a kid flounder fishing w/ her Dad while vacationing in Stone Harbor, NJ from a rental boat. All they ever caught were crabs & sea robbins. Oh yea, they ran aground alot. Last year we bought our first boat and while fishing the Old Grounds off Cape May, NJ., Allyson caught her biggest flounder ever. It was 5.5 lbs. As you can see she was ery proud & wished her Dad could have saw it also.