Tying the Backwoods Baitfish

Tie an all-purpose baitfish imitation good for any region



Wrap a thread base directly above the hook point. For the foul guard, cut a short piece of 40-pound mono and tie in one end at the base of the hook. Fold the other end of the mono over to form a loop, and wrap until secured.


Select a full plume of marabou, and measure so it’s approximately one-eighth-inch longer than the hook shank. Using several tight wraps, tie in the marabou so it doesn’t spin around the hook shank. Cut three to four strands of pearl Krystal flash slightly longer than the marabou, and tie them in. Fold the flash over to the opposite side of the hook shank, and tie it off.


Tie in the tan EP streamer brush, and wrap forward, tying off just behind the hook eye. When wrapping the brush forward, make sure to pull the fibers back toward the tail so they don’t get caught underneath the wraps. Once the brush is tied off, comb the wraps to form a baitfish profile.


Tie off the white thread using the fluorescent-orange thread, and cut another small piece of 40-pound mono for the weed guard. Use pliers to put a 90-degree bend in the mono, making a small flat section. Use this section to tie in the weed guard, then use the thread to make a smooth tapered nose. Whip-finish and trim.


Select two eyes, and firmly press them into place. Mix the five-minute epoxy, and carefully coat the eyes and nose. When coating the eyes, make sure the epoxy overlaps the EP brush just a little so the eyes actually bond to the body of the fly.

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