Louisiana Reds on Fly

FFSW is in the marshes of Venice for some world-class redfishing...

October 20, 2011
louisiana reds_01.jpg
__ Just got back from a short stay in Venice, Louisiana, where we initially joined SFTV and Capt. Greg Dini of for some big redfish action. After prodcution wrapped up, I fished with Capt. Nick Sassic of Just as always, the fishing was outstanding. Here’s a few shots from the last two days of fishing! PHOTO: Spent the first part of the day throwing poppers to smaller reds. They were all over them! John Frazier
louisiana reds_02.jpg
Just missed the photo of a redfish blowing up a popper.
louisiana reds_03.jpg
John Hallberg holds up his first redfish of the day. John Frazier
louisiana reds_04.jpg
Fighting a good size red in the marsh. John Frazier
louisiana reds_05.jpg
Capt. Nick Sassic prepares to release a hefty Venice redfish. John Frazier
louisiana reds_06.jpg
Up close with a Louisiana redfish John Frazier
louisiana reds_07.jpg
Capt. Nick Sassic’s biggest redfish of the day. John Frazier
louisiana reds_08.jpg
When conditions are right, the orangey/red color of the fish can be seen from a great distance. John Frazier
louisiana reds_09.jpg
Venice redfish prior to release. John Frazier
louisiana reds_10.jpg
John Hallberg prepares to release a big redfish. John Frazier
louisiana reds_11.jpg
John Hallberg fights his biggest redfish of the day that he hooked on a huge sand flat. John Frazier
louisiana reds_12.jpg
Pulling a Louisiana redfish from the water to remove the hook. John Frazier
louisiana reds_13.jpg
John Hallberg’s huge redfish he caught on a sand flat in Venice, Louisiana. John Frazier

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