Abaco’s Abundant Bonefish

Fly fishermen find opportunity in the northern Bahamas

September 26, 2011
A few months back, owner/manager of Abaco Lodge, Oliver White invited_ Fly Fishing in Salt Waters_ to his property. While we were there, we also visited the Black Fly Lodge. Both are very different from one another but we guarantee you’ll be pleased with either one. It’s always a treat to fish the Marls but while we were there, we also did a little exploring. Make sure to check out the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters for the full story. Until then, here are a few outtake images from our trip. PHOTO: While traditional Gotcha and Crazy Charlie patterns worked for us in Abaco, the go-to was the Enrico Puglisi Spawning Shrimp. John Frazier
David Tate, one of Abaco Lodge’s guides makes a presentation to a group of three small permit spotted just off Moore’s Island. John Frazier
Most of the fishing we did was by boat however, we did find a huge flat where we where able to do some wading. John Frazier
Mangrove shorelines like the one seen here are great places to look for bones. If you hook one, the trick is to keep them out of the roots. John Frazier
Just after being picked up from the airport in Marsh Harbour, Oliver White took us to a nearby flat and almost immediately hooked up to a bonefish. John Frazier
After spotting several permit while looking for bonefish, we decided to change gears, put on a crab pattern and hope to get lucky. John Frazier
The tying station at Black Fly Lodge gives tiers a million dollar view. John Frazier
View from the balcony at the Black Fly Lodge. John Frazier
The Black Fly Lodge is an intimate homey like setting. John Frazier
Anglers get numerous textbook bonefishing opportunities when fishing in the Marls. John Frazier
The bones in the Marls aren’t all small. It’s not unlikely to stumble upon bones pushing the double digit mark. John Frazier
Oliver White poses with a typical sized Marls bonefish. John Frazier
Fishing the Marls offers plenty of opportunities for bonefish but there are also many obstacles for the fish to run around. John Frazier
After following this bonefish through a maze of mangrove roots, Oliver White prepares to dehook the fish and set it free. John Frazier
Another average sized Marls bonefish. John Frazier
Abaco Lodge and their skiffs are conveniently located only minutes from the Marls. John Frazier
The patio at Abaco Lodge is a great place for a nightcap. John Frazier
The patio at Abaco Lodge in the light of day. John Frazier
The dock at Abaco Lodge is a popular place to hang out at the end of the day. John Frazier
The sun about to drop behind the Marls. John Frazier

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