A Visit to Grand Slam Lodge

Fishing the flats of Grand Slam Lodge in Punta Allen, Mexico.

August 29, 2011
grand slam lodge_01.jpg
Tomas Hernandez points out a school of tailing bonefish on a flat only minutes away from Grand Slam Lodge.
grand slam lodge_02.jpg
Guide Tomas Hernandez scans a flat for signs of life.
grand slam lodge_03.jpg
Angler Rip Woodin hooked up to a Punta Allen snook.
grand slam lodge_04.jpg
Angler Rip Woodin poses for a photo with his first every fly caught snook he took at Grand Slam Lodge.
grand slam lodge_05.jpg
Grand Slam Lodge provides its guest with a ultra laid back atmosphere.
grand slam lodge_06.jpg
Every room at Grand Slam Lodge has a million dollar view.
grand slam lodge_07.jpg
All the rooms at Grand Slam Lodge are air conditioned and super comfy.
grand slam lodge_08.jpg
After the sun goes down, the balcony or porch of your room is a perfect place to enjoy a nightcap.
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grand slam lodge_10.jpg
Guide, Tony Ramirez poles one of many picturesque flats of Ascension Bay.
grand slam lodge_11.jpg
Tony Ramirez and Grand Slam’s general manager, Bobby Settles wade a flat after spotting a tailing permit.
grand slam lodge_12.jpg
Bobby Settles grins as he fights a big permit on the flats of Ascension Bay.
grand slam lodge_13.jpg
Bobby Settles continues a 45-minute fight with an estimated 20-pound permit.
grand slam lodge_14.jpg
grand slam lodge_15.jpg
Guide Tony Ramirez and Bobby Settles show off well deserved permit taken on the flats of Ascension Bay.
grand slam lodge_16.jpg
grand slam lodge_17.jpg
grand slam lodge_18.jpg
In between searching for permit, tarpon and snook, bonefish are usually pretty easy to find.
grand slam lodge_19.jpg
When you visit Grand Slam, bring a lot of flies. You never know what you might run into so anglers need to be prepared.
grand slam lodge_20.jpg
A few of Grand Slam’s guides pose for a pic at the end of a day of fishing.
grand slam lodge_21.jpg
Grand Slam’s general manager, Bobby Settles is constantly on the move making sure all of his guests have the time of their life.
grand slam lodge_22.jpg
The dining area of Grand Slam is spacious and even has several fly tying stations in the center.

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