Gulf Coast Offshore Nets Great Big Game Fishing

The right weedline, the right oil rig and the right timing can net wahoo, dolphin, cobia, snapper and more on the Gulf Coast.
Earlier this month, editor Chris Woodward ran offshore from Galveston with a crew from Garmin electronics aboard a 36 Invincible with pro angler Bill Platt. Out near the Stetson Bank, Platt cranked up his Garmin radar (GMR 604xHD open array) and promptly spotted a fleet of shrimp boats (top center). Chris Woodward
Shrimp boats at anchor in 200-plus feet of water attract all kinds of pelagic fish life.
Garmin’s Carly Baltes (right), communications specialist, and Platt’s friend and mate-for-the-day, Joey, toss sardine chum off the bow, watching for signs of blackfin tuna.
Platt’s sounder (GSD 22) shows a school of fish rising to the chum beneath the boat. Chris Woodward
Hooked up! Greg DeVries, Garmin’s director of marine sales and marketing, hauls on a hefty fish with light tackle.
Baltes boats one of a swarm of schoolies the Garmin crew caught behind a shrimp boat.
A shrimp boat anchored near a weedline spelled instant dolphin hookups. Here, an angler leaves her fish in the water, hoping to keep the school near. Chris Woodward
Platt (left) and DeVries show off a brace of blackfins. Chris Woodward
Platt hoists a truly impressive blackfin for angler Baltes. Chris Woodward
Platt enters a waypoint for a new spot using the touch-screen keyboard on his GPSMAP 7215. Chris Woodward
The new numbers produced a surprise speedster – a wahoo that valiantly sprayed the gaff man. Chris Woodward
Platt subdues the wahoo for a photo before releasing it to the fish box. Chris Woodward
An always welcome visitor to a chum slick – a legal-size cobia! Chris Woodward
DeVries hammers another blackfin tuna. The tuna swim with schools of bonito that compete for chunk baits at a slick.
On the way to a bottom-fishing hot spot, Platt sees a rain cell approaching from the north. The XM/Sirius weather service helps him dodge summer thunderstorms. Chris Woodward
The GSD 22 sounder shows Platt a small cluster of fish nestled in the nearly featureless bottom. Chris Woodward
The happy result of good numbers and a top-notch sounder – a pair of delicious Gulf red snapper. Chris Woodward

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