Side-Scan Strategy

Fine-tune your view of the underwater world to catch more fish.

Hidden Treasure: Side-scan sonar has the ability to paint high-res imagery that reveals complex targets. Photo by Tom Stack and AssociatesTom Stack and Associates
Side-scan-image clarity, like from Simrad (above), is a result of higher-frequency sound waves transmitted in thin slices like an MRI.
Modeling: Left, split-screen view shows bait and predators. Right top, modeled bottom structure; above, schooled bait. Below, this striper was marked in a bait school off the beach.
Capt. Terry Sullivan, a New Jersey striper guide who relies on live bunker for bait, uses ­side-scan to help him fill his livewell. Photo by Gary CaputiGary Caputi
No hiding: Side-scan easily marks dolphin that otherwise would be undetected patrolling beneath offshore weed lines. Photo by Pat FordPat Ford
Timesaver: Gulf rigs often hold bait, and with side-scan sonar, hunting time is reduced, which means more time for fishing. Photo by Gary CaputiGary Caputi