September Sportsman’s Workbench

Fishing inventions from SWS' readers

Spring Swivel

Before you throw away that old ballpoint pen, remove the spring and put it in your tackle box. These springs can be used in many ways, such as to offset a hook and swivel from a line. Since a knot is not required, the offset can be quickly placed anywhere on the line for the desired depth. The spring, placed on the line between a slip sinker and the hook or swivel, also protects the knot. Or try threading the spring on a hook and casting it into a school of -Spanish -mackerel. James L. Haight Huntsville, Alabama

Snagless Sinker

To make a snagless sinker for fishing in rocks, fill a short section of a hockey-skate lace with shot to the desired weight, burn the ends, and then squeeze together with pliers to close and secure. Simply attach a snap swivel through one of the melted fused ends, and you are ready to go, with a custom sinker that won’t hang up on the bottom. I keep an assortment in my tackle box. Ken Johnson Forest Lake, Minnesota

Rods to Go

I made a light, compact, and portable fishing-rod holder using jumbo pool noodles and adjustable straps. First, cut the noodles at various lengths to fit each rod handle, allowing enough room for the reel. Bundle the noodles and hold them together with the straps. The rod handles fit just snugly enough that you can pick up and carry all the rods at the same time, which is nice for trips to and from the boat. The holder also keeps the rods up off the dock, so they are easy to rinse during cleanup. The configuration and rod capacity are flexible to meet every angler’s needs. Jeff Shoemaker Sebring, Florida