Acklins Island - Thinking Outside the Boat


Skinny Waters

As bonefish approach, so do the jitters, especially in skinny water. Photo by John Frazier

All You Need

Clockwise from top left: Doug Schlink makes a presentation; Rod Racks at Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn; Cinching a knot on the bitter end; End-of-the-day kalik; O’Neil Williamson; Good morning, AIBI style; an angler prepares to release a bone; Heading out for a day on the flats; Released to fight another day. Photos by John Frazier

Son of a Preacher, Mon...

Like his father, Newton, Garron Williamson went through the steps to become a man of the cloth. In addition to preaching every Sunday at Joshua Kingdom Ministries on Acklins, Garron wears the hat of a school bus driver and also fills the role of manager and head guide at Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn. Photo by John Frazier

Bonefish on Foot

Anglers can enjoy catching small and average-size bonefish all day long while fishing Acklins, but make no mistake, big boys do in fact live here and have receIved little pressure over the years. Photo by John Frazier

Walking on the Flats

Garron Williamson swiftly walks across an exposed flat on low tide to access yet another bonefish-rich area. Photo by John Frazier