Tarpon Toad Fly

This popular tarpon fly is inspired by several others.

Click through all the images to see the 6 steps it takes to tie the Tarpon Toad fly.
1. Using figure-eight wraps, secure the plastic eyes on the top of the shank and work your thread back to the bend of the hook.
2. Tie in a fluffy clump of chartreuse marabou at the bend of the hook.
3. Tie in a short piece of yellow crosscut rabbit strip on top of the marabou wraps.
4. Palmer the rabbit strip forward, tie it off, and trim excess.
5. Figure-eight-wrap short pieces of chartreuse yarn on top of the shank and fill in the space between the rabbit strip and the eye of the hook.
6. Using the sharpest scissors possible, trim the yarn to the desired shape.