New Jersey Strong

Garden State anglers are keeping a positive attitude and ­continue to find solace in their surrounding waters.
Northeast anglers have an obsession for stripers, an obsession that is incurable. It’s in their blood. It’s a way of life, and that will never change. Jersey residents will continue to look to the water for comfort and, until the shore is built back up, normalcy. Colin Archer
Photos shot days after the storm reveal the damage Sandy inflicted on the Northeast coast. However, those who reside there can’t be kept down. Fishing communities are already making great strides to rebuild and have a positive attitude toward the future. Homes were leveled, businesses were washed away and iconic landmarks fell, but one thing that Sandy left untouched was the passion of the local fishermen. Joanne O’Shaughnessy
FFS0413_Sandy02 BH_Sandy_11_20_2012 Joanne O’Shaughnessy
FFS0413_Sandy03 Lumia_PB_11_02_2012 Joanne O’Shaughnessy
FFS0413_Sandy04 Manasquan_12_13_2012 Joanne O’Shaughnessy
FFS0413_Sandy10 SSH_12_19_2012 Joanne O’Shaughnessy
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FFS0413_Sandy07 12_12_2012 Joanne O’Shaughnessy
FFS0413_Sandy08 PP_Beach_Sandy_11_30_2012 Joanne O’Shaughnessy
FFS0413_Sandy09 Rockaway_11_12_2012 Joanne O’Shaughnessy
Jersey Boys: After living through the chaos caused by Sandy, all things ­considered, Garden State anglers seem to be keeping a positive attitude and ­continue to find solace in their surrounding waters. Capt. Gene Quigley
Sandy made landfall just south of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and left much of the iconic shoreline littered with debris and rubble. Americans from all over the country came together in all forms to support and aid those who were affected. Colin Archer
“Solid human spirit and the determination to rebuild will make the Jersey shore reappear stronger than ever.” –Bob Popovics, Celebrity fly tier
“Getting back on the water after Sandy was surreal. Seeing that first flock of birds was light at the end of the tunnel.” –Capt. Gene Quigley, Shore Catch guide
“The first striper I caught a month after the blow wasn’t big, but it was what I needed more than anything else.” –Joe Cermele, Field & Stream
Anglers are taking advantage of the surronding waters. Sandy may have taken her toll on the landscape, but as far as the stripers are concerned, it’s business as usual. Because of the lack of pressure during the fall run, this spring could turn out to be an epic season. Tosh Brown