Key West Dredging

Will the well-known tarpon destination sell its soul?
Millions of taxpayer dollars should not be used to destroy marine habitat so that a minority of businessmen can make a quick buck. Alamy/Serdar
Plume trails from cruise ships silt the Key West seafloor, killing vital habitat. Key West Harbor was last dredged in 2005. A great number of corals, sponges and sea fans were removed; that loss of natural filtering systems compounded the siltation problem. World Angling
Key West features flat-calm mornings, sometimes with large fish rolling as far as the eye can see. Dredging Key West Harbor cold change this fisherman’s paradise dramatically. World Angling
What kind of legacy do we want to leave in Key West: tacky T-shirt shops or an extraordinary marine ecosystem that supports awesome congregations of tarpon? We’re betting the angler above would like to see those tarpon stay. Pat Ford
Captain Will Benson’s Silver Lining chronicles the struggle between cruise ships and fishermen in Florida’s Key West.

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