Desroches Seychelles

The Seychelles are a land packed with bonefish, permit and grand trevally.

Grab your boots and flats tackle, and head for the atoll flats near Desroches.
The rhythm of the powerful tail kicks propelled the fish toward the outer edge of the atoll.
Picture perfect: Five minutes later, another permit bit but pulled the hook on the initial run. Then, not five minutes after that, he hooked yet another permit. This one would not get away.
“At only an hour till sunset, we had a 30-minute slog back to the inflatable and a 40-minute run to get back to Aman’i, including a coronary-inducing pull of the ducky over a nearly dry flat.”
Mapping Desroches, Seychelles: The fact that the British had once dubbed Desroches “Wood Island” because of all the timber found on dry land was no surprise. While exploring a hidden Indian community, I stumbled upon an honest- to-god lumber mill used for harvesting nonendemic, invasive hardwoods. The hardwoods were carved to be used in everything from resort structures and furniture.
Also on the island is the Aldabra tortoise rescue farm, which houses rare giants second in size only to Galapagos tortoises. Believe it or not, they love for humans to scratch their long necks.
The hardest part of pointing out bonefish and permit is fighting the glare.

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