Permit Flies

Never put permit on the pedestal.
Don’t play permit up to be something more than they are. Don’t believe what you read in magazines. And whatever you do, don’t listen to your buddy who says he has the magic fly.
S.S. CRAB: This pattern in various colors is a go-to on the flats. Everything eats it. Personally, I prefer tan-and-ginger; however, S.S. Crabs tied in olive and even blue work well at times too. I think crabs represent the highest nutritional value food item in the permit’s diet and therefore work well because they are the “best bang for their buck!”
S.S. SHRIMP: Sometimes permit key in on specific prey. This can vary by water temp, season and geography. Shrimp patterns often require an exact weight size and color to be effective. This pattern with various weights and color combinations seems to have success for permit in deeper water and ones that have already been caught on the S.S. Crab.
THE SHOCKER: When permit refuse crab and shrimp patterns, to overcome my frustration I throw this pattern right on their heads. The trick is to strip it really fast right into their faces so they freak out, haul ass off the flat, alert all their buddies, and leave me alone to enjoy peace and quiet without having the fear of seeing another permit.