Catching Stripers on Poppers

Bass Like Noise: Stripers like the commotion created by popping plugs and flies, and will often strike them when other methods fail.
Effective Over Structure: Pencil poppers work great in open water, especially around structure. Rips and tide lines are also excellent places to give these lures a try.
In the back bays, fly-fishermen sometimes have an advantage. Popper flies tied with 2/0 Edgewater Boilermaker heads make plenty of commotion when retrieved correctly, yet they aren’t nearly as intrusive as plugs. When cast, they land softly on the water instead of plopping, thus in shallow back bays, they are less likely to spook fish and more likely to garner strikes.
Big Take: Seeing a huge striped bass strike a surface popper is one of the best experiences in all of fishing.