Prevent Cockpit Calamity

The right gear and smart planning ensure a long angling career.

Safety lines, properly deployed, stay out of the way but are in place should you need them. SWS
Never overlook the value of performance footwear on a boat. SWS
Eschewing the safety line, the author, once overboard (top), found he couldn’t both self-rescue and unclip. He gets help unhooking the harness (above). SWS
A fishing knife — more specifically, the cutting tool —can whack through monofilament and braided lines. SWS
Have one person standing behind the angler who is hooked up. If it’s just two of you, spot the angler while he pumps and winds, and attend to the helm when necessary. SWS
Once pulled from the water, the author picked up the rod again and whipped the swordfish, which had nearly won the fight in early rounds. SWS

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