Fly Fishing Casts

Learn three useful casts you've probably never seen.
The Quick-Change Cast: Here is how it’s done Step 1: Make your cast as you normally would. Keep your rod low and pointed at the fly. Step 2: Forget about the line and follow the fish with the rod tip. Always keep your eyes on the fish. Step 3: Raise the rod slowly and make a brisk backcast 180 degrees from your new target. Don’t worry: The line will straighten beautifully behind and will be ready for the forward stroke.
The Misdirection Cast: Here’s how it’s done Step 1: Once a fish is spotted, slowly turn your back to it. While keeping your rod tip as low as possible, make a false cast one rod length away and parallel to the target while slipping out the desired amount of line. Step 2: On your forward cast, add a bit of speed and “shock” the rod to a stop in order to curve the line. Try this at various distances until you have the confidence to hit your target.
The Sky Curve: Here’s how it’s done Step 1: Choose a target behind a tree or telephone pole. Now choose a secondary target beside and 10 feet beyond the pole. Step 2: Make one false cast to the secondary target to build line speed. Step 3: On the final forward cast, begin by bringing the hand slightly inward and move the hand forward in a single, spiraling motion (just like a proofreader’s “delete” mark). A brisk stop at the end of the stroke should curve the line, leader and fly nicely around the pole.

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