The Sabalo Yucatan

Tie a super-simple fly that baby tarpon can't resist.

December 18, 2012
Wrap a base of thread to the bend of the hook and tie in a white rabbit strip about 2 to 2½ inches long.
Tie in a short loop of 20-pound hard nylon on top of the tail, extending past the bend of the hook about a half-inch.
Draw the rabbit strip tail up through the anti-fouling loop, smooth it out, and then tie in several strips of pearl or silver Flashabou on each side, trimming the flash a bit shorter than the tail length.
Tie in two, webby white saddle hackles, one on each side by the butt, not the tip, and wrap forward, one hackle at a time, to about halfway down the hook shank. This will make a large, wide collar similar to a Seaducer’s or Whistler’s.
Tie in a single webby, red saddle hackle in front of the white collar and make several tighter wraps, facing the white with red.
The final step is to form a big, round head of large cactus chenille, using two to four wraps. Tie off and complete the head with wraps of white thread.

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