Perfect Cockpit

Key elements to consider in your next boat.

Cockpit space is always at a premium and thoughtful layout increases efficiency and makes the crew’s job easier.
Proper chair placement, complemented by proper tackle selection, allows the line to clear the transom corners in the heat of battle.
A cockpit built to the right dimensions will make fishing much easier, whether you’re the angler or the one wiring the fish.Joe Mahler
Fighting chairs adjust to fit different-size anglers. For the average man, the chair footrest extends 36 to 38 inches, with 2 inches between notches. So to allow enough room, the chair center should be mounted 48 to 50 inches away from the inside edge of the transom covering boards.Joe Mahler
With several big guys in the cockpit, space becomes tight, so well-planned organization becomes a necessity.
Six tubes surround a central livewell to keep tunas and other baits alive. This well design stems from Mike Andrews of Tropic Star Lodge, in Piñas Bay, Panama.