Hook Up Baitfish Fly

Use this new technique to create a wide-profile baitfish pattern.
Click through this gallery to read step by step instruction on how to tie this wide body baitfish pattern. John Digsby
Wrap a thin base of thread just behind the eye of the hook. Tie in a strand of Bill’s Bodi-Braid about halfway down the shank of the hook. Wrap the braid to form a small and impervious narrow teardrop shape. Tie off the braid just behind the eye of the hook and whip-finish. Apply a thin coat of acrylic, and cure with the light. Peter Morse
Select symmetrical pairs of feathers — two or three per side will work just fine. Apply a drop of acrylic to the target on the hook shank and another to the feather. Peter Morse
Repeat Step 2 on the other side. Once the feathers are lined up, zap them with the light to cure. Peter Morse
Repeat Step 3 with the remaining feather pairs. Add a small drop of acrylic to each side and gently stick a couple of strands of Flashabou on both sides of the fly. Peter Morse
Just behind the eye of the hook, add another drop of acrylic to both sides of the shank, place your eyes on the acrylic, and zap with the light to secure. Once the eyes are secure, apply a thin coat of acrylic all around the head of the fly and cure with the light. To get rid of the tacky finish, either rub the head with rubbing alcohol or apply a very thin coat of clear nail polish. Peter Morse