Shallow Water Striper Fly

Add a visual element to shallow-water bassing.
Add a visual element to shallow-water striper fishing. John Frazier
Wrap thread from the eye of the hook to the bend, and tie in a sparse amount of Super Hair about 1½ times the hook length. John Frazier
Add several strands of pearl flash at the bend and a clump of Super Hair similar in amount and length to the first. John Frazier
Cut the front of a foam cylinder at a 45-degree angle using a sharp razor blade or knife. The length of the cylinder should be the same as the hook shank. Heat a bodkin and carefully insert it straight through the foam one-eighth inch from what will be the bottom of the diver. Directly above the first hole, insert a heated bodkin long enough to accept the rattle. Force the rattle into the slot. John Frazier
Wrap the cylinder with tape, trim the excess from the slanted portion with scissors and apply adhesive eyes. John Frazier
Apply a thin layer of epoxy (not shown) to the shank, and slide the cylinder in place. Make certain the cylinder is in the correct diver position before the cement sets. John Frazier