In Photos: Mid-Atlantic Wahoo

Ric Burnley


Gaff a wahoo with care: They are expert hook throwers with razor-sharp teeth. Ric Burnley
Koci runs lures directly off of 50-pound outfits spooled with 200-pound braid. Flat lines pull Marauder plugs 30 yards back. A 400-pound snap swivel on the main line clips to a loop crimped in 20 feet of 200-pound mono ending in a 220-pound Spro wind-on swivel, clipped to a foot of 7-strand cable, snap-swiveled to the lure. Thirty to 40 yards behind the Marauders he runs chrome-headed Ilanders. The main line snaps to a 36-ounce in-line sinker, snapped to 60 feet of 200- pound mono leading to the Ilander. An 80-pound rig with 100-pound mono pulls a Mold Craft Wide Range 100 yards back. Lures carry a 9/0 recurve hook. Joe Mahler /

Wahoo Grin

Some consider catching wahoo a chance occurrence, but savvy captains know how to target them reliably. Ric Burnley

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