Mexico's Roosterfish On Fly

A fly-fishing carnival rages in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

Tosh Brown
Tosh Brown

Stalking Roosters on Foot

Fishing from a boat certainly has advantages and, in all likelihood, provides much better catching odds. However, few angling rewards match that of landing a big roosterfish with your feet planted in the sand of a Baja beach. To manage this successfully, you’ve got to be dedicated and realize that you’re going to get frustrated in the process. Off the beach, roosters often travel fast, requiring anglers to sprint down the shore like their pants are on fire just to get ahead of a fish and cast.Justin Crump
Each day, sardina are netted and strategically used as chum. When a rooster keys in on a chummer, its unmistakable dorsal fin (also known as a comb) often breaks the surface. This is a prime time to make a presentation.Gary Bulla
Brian Horsley
Tosh Brown
Tosh Brown