Tying Weighted Flies

When it comes to tying flies that sink, make sure to weigh all your options

With all the weight options out there, it’s important to know what type of weight or application is appropriate for your fly. Next up: different weight options...

Lead-Wire Wrap

This method helps keel a fly to ride true and sink evenly. Popular for baitfish patterns.

Ribbed Tungsten Body

The purpose of this type of weight is to make the fly sharply dart left and right when retrieved.

Bead-Chain Eyes

Tying bead-chain eyes forward like this allows the fly to land softly and sink slowly.

Dumbbell Eyes Forward

Dumbbell-style eyes tied forward as shown will get your fly down very quickly.

Dumbbell Eyes at Rear

Tying dumbbell eyes at the rear of the hook works well for crustacean imitations.

Cone Head

Since this weight is tied at the very front of the hook, the fly will sink nose first.

Jiggy Head

Similar to a cone head, only it’s a different shape and more commonly used in salt water.


Even though this type of weight is all the way forward, it allows the fly to sink evenly.