Jersey Shelf Life

Fishing the continental shelf off New Jersey yields results

Welcome Aboard: A variety of tunas — yellowfin, bluefin and albacore — prowl the continental shelf.Glenn Law
Joe Mahler /
Rounding out the Catch: Mahi are reliable around the offshore canyons.Glenn Law
Twist a loop in a piece of soft rigging wire, sizing it to clear the hook barb (1). Push the wire down through the upper and lower jaws so the loop is snug on top of the bait (2). Slip the wire through the center of a quarter-ounce egg sinker and tuck the sinker between the bottoms of the gill plates (3). Wrap the wire around the ballyhoo behind the gill plates (4), through the eye sockets and around the beak. Slip the hook through the wire loop on the ballyhoo's head (5).
Prime Quarry: Yellowfin tuna hit both trolled lures and chunks of butterfish wherever the temperature is right.Glenn Law
Occasional Visitor: It pays to rig ballyhoo with a bit of wire, as wahoo insurance.Glenn Law