Thresher Shark Madness

All Tail: The long tail found on thresher sharks is used as a weapon when they feed, and it also makes these sharks fast, powerful swimmers. Ric Burnley
Hard to Hook: Because of the way threshers feed, they’re often foul-hooked, especially in the tail. Hooking them properly, in the mouth, can be challenging. Ric Burnley
Release With Care: It’s easy to get slapped by a thresher’s tail when handling the fish at boat-side. Jack Nilsen
For teaser rig, 16-ounce Bait-O-Matic rigged without hooks to hold a whole dead mackerel. For the terminal rig, use 12 feet of 100-pound-test leader attached to the main line with a snap swivel, with 12 to 18 inches of single-strand wire, and a heavy-wire 4/0 live-bait hook. A mackerel fillet is used for bait. Ric Burnley

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