Drifting for Specks

Stay in the boat: Savvy Texas anglers have learned they can catch trophy trout from a boat, not just by wading, the more traditional route. Bink Grimes
Young and old: Kids and older anglers like fishing from a boat over the more labor-intense wading method. Bink Grimes
Big lures: Trout will eagerly strike noisy and surprisingly large artificial lures. Topwater plugs work well in deep water as well as shallow. Bink Grimes
******Rods:** 61/2-foot Waterloo HP Slam bait-casting rod.
Reels: Shimano Core 50.
Lines: 20-pound-test PowerPro braid.
Leaders: 25-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon.
Lures: Bass Assassins, Texas Trout Fishing Killer Baits, D.O.A. Shrimp, Norton Bull Minnows.
Baits: Live shrimp, live finger mullet.
Bait and lures: Both lures and live bait work well for large Texas trout, so stay flexible in your approach.
Trout smiles: Youngsters love trout fishing because they typically can catch a lot of fish, and often some big ones as well. Bink Grimes
For a great introduction to shallow-water fishing,_ Saltwater Strategies: Where, When and How to Wadefish Texas_ (250 pages; ISBN13: 9780929980171; $14.95), by Bink Grimes, provides a wealth of invaluable tips and information. Granted, it’s focused on wading, but the knowledge is still sound and applies to many varied fishing situations. It’s available at