Fly Rodding the Coast

A complete paperback overview to saltwater fly essentials, this book provides a solid overview of the entire sport.


This 336-page paperback guide will provide fly anglers everything they need to know to get started in saltwater. This second book on the subject by Ed Mitchell covers essentials such as reading the water, the weather, and the shoreline; how to fish from a boat and from shore; how to scout locations; and how to catch striped bass, bluefish, bonito and little tunny. Mitchell also covers the behavior and range of this quarry and the best techniques for landing these fish.

This book contains 49 black & white photos, 44 drawings and an 8-page color section.Retailing for $19.95, Fly Rodding the Coast is available in bookstores or directly from Stackpole Books at 800-732-3669;