The Flats Are Hot !

Redfish and Snook are Slamming It !


This is Capt. Pat with Tropic Bay Guide Service and I just wanted to let you know how the fishing is here on Florida's Nature Coast. As you know I am an inshore fly fishing guide on the waters of the central west coast from Anclote Key to Homosassa Flats. The fishing has been very hot with plenty of redfish and huge snook taking flies. If you are a soft plastic fisherman or even live bait, you should do well too. The advantage of fly fishing is the presentation. Hard baits, soft plastics and live bait can smack the water and spook the skittish fish in only inches of water. The reds are ranging from 5 ½ lb to 8 lbs plus. They are putting up a great fight in the shallow waters of the backcountry and flats. The snook have been a different story all spring and summer. They are huge! Monsters in the 40" to 42" length are common and are on the take. You have to be very patient in your approach as they can feel the pressure from the boat, so move slowly. If you think you are moving slowly enough, slow down some more. It will take up a great deal of time but the rewards are worth it. The snook have been cruising the mangrove shorelines so you have to make your approach moving into them, parallel to the shore. You will only be in 4" to 6" of water so once again, take it slow. Keep the sun at your back so they don't see you and when it they see your bait, the strike happens fast. If you have a fishing partner with you have him make a cast right away after a take because you will have a great chance of a double. Remember snook are very fast and will try to dash into the mangrove roots so you have to get them out away from them immediately or they will tangle your line and you will lose the fish. The sharks are on the flats but we have been going after the snook and redfish. The low pressure front that is moving onto us is turning the fish on even more so this weekend should be great for you warriors. Stay safe and good hunting. Thanks for reading.
Capt. Pat