Wiffle Ball Sinker

Avoid break-offs with this snag-free sinker

November 30, 2016
using wiffle ball for sinker
Turn a wiffle ball into a sinker. Illustration by Steve Sanford

Materials: one golf ball-size Wiffle ball; three 1 oz. bank sinkers; spray-paint primer; spray paint in light blue or green; and a sponge (optional)

Instructions: 1. Spray the Wiffle ball with primer and let it dry, then spray-paint it light blue or green to make it less conspicuous in the water. Store in an egg carton to dry.
2. Force the bottom of a bank sinker through a hole in the ball, leaving the attachment ring on the outside.
3. Cut a slit between two of the holes and insert two additional sinkers. Glue slit closed.
4 (Optional): Before gluing the slit shut, insert a piece of sponge. Then you can add fish scent for additional attraction.

wiffle-ball sinker for fishing
Carefully glue the slit shut once all the sinkers are in place. Then fit the sinker snugly in the hole to ensure stability when rigging. Illustration by Steven Sanford

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